About Us

Franchise In-Sites is a full-service digital franchise marketing firm that works with the highest converting digital marketing sources on your behalf, bringing efficiency and effectiveness to every facet of your online advertising campaign. We handle everything from budgeting and forecasting through to content creation and lead delivery, generating the best leads for your franchise development while also bringing customers into your franchise locations. Our franchise marketing services free you from the time, money, and frustration spent working with inexperienced and/or multiple sources. We are franchise advertising veterans here to bring an increased efficiency and effectiveness to your franchise marketing efforts. We provide assistance in the areas of: Website Builds, SEO, PPC, Franchise Advertising Portals, Paid and Organic Social Media Management, Display,  Retargeting, Geo-Fencing, Event Targeting, and much more!

Meet The Team

David Gollahon – Founder & CEO

David has been in the franchising industry for more than 20 years.  He spent 4 years with Landmark Communications where he launched and developed the Best Franchise Opportunities portal for Ad Engine. Working as Senior Account Executive, he drove Best Franchise Opportunities to the top tier of online franchise advertising, bringing in revenue gains of over 42% annually. In this role, he developed both an in-depth knowledge of the online lead product and the clear knowledge of his clients’ needs, resources, and ability to work within the parameters of the online lead industry.

In 2006,David created Franchise In-Sites as a means to bring individual clients an efficient and effective means to create, manage and analyze their franchise advertising campaigns. Through these efforts, we see the performance of the top franchise advertising portals across multiple industry verticals as the company now manages over $1 million in annual media spend for the expansions of a variety of concepts.

Beth Schmitz-Biegler – President

Beth Schmitz-Biegler has worked in franchising since 2003 and has over twenty five years of small and entrepreneurial business experience in operations, development, marketing and networking. She has also previously served in director-level positions in the fields of executive search and software development.

She brings a unique franchising background to the table, combining experience in a third-party broker network as marketing & technology director with FranNet as well as a decades old franchise system in the role of marketing director for Kitchen Tune-Up. In both environments, she directed local franchisee marketing as well as prospective franchise owner lead generation.

Cheri Gollahon – Manager of Client Services

Cheri Gollahon has worked in multiple industry segments at virtually every level. She has worked as Owner/Operator of a retail clothing store, Client Services Representative for a for commercial interior companies, Product Manager for a major manufacturer, and Account Manager with America’s Best Franchises. She comes to Franchise In-Sites with 15 years of exposure to the franchise marketing sector and a focus on building relationships and putting customer satisfaction first. Cheri’s knowledge of the marketing space and site operation enable her to bring about excellent results on your advertising campaigns.

Letter From The Founder

I created Franchise In-Sites in response to what I have seen as a thorn in the side of many franchise systems…the ability, or lack thereof, to efficiently and effectively market their franchise concepts online. Many companies don’t have the budget for the trial and error involved to find good online sources. Still more companies don’t put the correct work toward their effort in regard to campaign management, content evolution, and analytics, in order to get the most out of what they pay for. They simply throw up an ad and wait for the results that they feel they deserve or they pay an advertising agency to do the exact same thing. Compounding these problems is the fact that the advertising industry is a dynamic and the tactics that worked best in the past may not work as well today.

Franchise In-Sites was created for what I would deem “smart” franchise systems. By that I mean for companies who have a solid foundation, the right systems and staff in place, enough budget to realistically achieve their goals, and an understanding of the importance of regular tracking and reporting. We’re here to guide those companies through the maze of advertising their franchise online with customized campaigns that place their concept on the right sites, in the right packages, and at the right prices. Of equal importance, we’re here to analyze the results of the campaign and work with the client to hone their content and processes until it produces the best results possible.

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When we launched UFC GYM this year and decided on an internet portal advertising strategy, I turned to David and his staff to help me sort through the seemingly limitless number of options available to us. With their advice and counsel, we not only put into place an effective plan that is exceeding our goals… Read more “UFC Gym”

Philip Jacobs, Director of Franchise Development

I came to Franchise In-Sites knowing exactly what I wanted to accomplish, looking for validation on my concept’s potential and a way to sell 34 new units in the first season of advertising and sales effort. While the numbers may have seemed overly aggressive for a launch during a recession, right after the election, the… Read more “Kona Ice”

Tony Lamb, Founder

“Franchise In-Sites is a true asset to any customer who engages their services. Their multiple layer metric approach has consistently increased the results of every customer we have worked on together. Whether you are a large or small company looking to improve the efficiencies of your online lead generation campaigns, or frankly anything David says… Read more “Franchise.com”

Matt Bogart, Sales Manager

“When it comes to truly understanding the science of Development lead flow and conversions, David is in the top 1% of our entire industry. His involvement with our team during the past six months has radically changed how we view lead acquisition, distribution and conversion ratios. His depth of experience with and knowledge about the… Read more “Franchise Source Brands”

Patrick Conley, Vice President of Business Systems